Scheduled Maintenance: March 20, 2020 – March 30, 2020

Scheduled Maintenance
Network Update Awaits!


What Are We Doing

We are upgrading our system with a new awe-inspiring UI design and unifying the HAIL IGA Network Sites designs. Our goal is to provide the best user experience possible and that means part of our Network will need to be updated. So what is going to change?

A cleaner design optimized for your experience, currently we have a dozen of sites in our Network and we are trying to make them look and feel the same. Region specific site that has been in Alpha since 2018 will launch together with the update. Web Services and Plus Support will have better checkout experience. Network sites that are hosted on Shopify will be merged and shares the same User Accounts and Logins. User Account will be restyled to match the new design and additional services will be introduced into the console. Membership Accounts will be integrated with the AIES reward points system, and more features will be available for memberships.

These are just part of this update, there are more to come! This update is expected to last for 10 days starting from March 20 to March 30. In the event that we may not complete the update, we will stop the update and continue on June 12. More information on that will be released as update progress.

What Will Be Affected

HAIL IGA Network Sites

All HAIL IGA Network Sites will be experiencing frequent interruptions or even be unavailable from the updates.

Support Services

Ticket support and online forms may be unavailable or undelivered. Customers are encouraged to email us.

Plus Support

Plus Support ticketing systems and forms might be unavailable or undelivered. Customers are encouraged to call us.

Online Forms

Our online forms may be unavailable or undelivered. Please use the green contact widget on bottom right corner.

Partial Codes & APIs

Some codes and APIs will be disabled during the update, all affected customers are notified by email.

Partial User Console

Part of the user account will be unavailable during the update, most critical features are fully operational.

What Will NOT Be Affected

Green Contact Widget

The green contact widget on the bottom right will be operation throughout the update.

IGA Hosting

IGA Hosting will remain operational throughout the update, all controls are not affected.

Payment System

The payment system will remain operational and most part of user accounts are operational.

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