Our Very Simple Pricing

We are good at codes

Our extensive knowledge allow us to work with all of the popular codes such as Ruby, PHP, JS, jQuery, SQL, Lua, Java, Swift and more!

Easy & Transparent payments

We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. We will always issue a very detail invoice so no surprises.

Great efficiency

Our teams work efficiently to finish your project fast, remaining high quality. Statistic has shown a 40% increase in sales for our customers.

World Class Customer Support

Most companies just finished the job and leave you to it, well, not us. We help you get started and kept you running!

Choose the perfect plan

Our resources are split equally to take on 4 projects simultaneously, as required by Magento and to make up our cheap pricing. If you need more people working on your project and finish it faster, choose the level of dedication below. We do not recommend using higher dedication plan as the Standard plan is more than enough for all projects and is cost efficient, higher dedication have higher minimium amount.



Per hour

  • 4 Developers
  • Min. $250
  • All Platforms
  • Full Support



Per hour

  • 8 Developers
  • Min. $10, 000
  • All Platforms
  • Full Support

Heavy Duty


Per hour

  • 16 Developers
  • Min. $50, 000
  • All Platforms
  • Full Support