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HAIL IGA is the brand name for International Group of Anthony, a division of the Anthonian Group. We provide economic solutions to make our services affordable to most.

The International Group of Anthony like the Anthonian Group is a tech company focusing on bring innovative technology to the world. We make websites for businesses, online stores for shops, apps for companies and engineering solutions to change the way people work.

Anthonian Group

The Anthonian Group is the parent company for the International Group of Anthony, the Imperial Anthonian, Camp Anthonio, Monster Broadcasting and among others.

The Anthonian Group is an invention company that creates beneficial invention and innovation to the world 🌎. We work hard on making innovative solutions that will blow your mind. Our innovative solutions are powering over 300 services around the world.

We stop at nothing

As an invention company, we don’t stop at anything. If it does not exist, we invent it, after all, that’s what we do for a living.

We Love To Explore​

We love to try out new stuff, just like a 5 years old getting their new toy. We’re curious people, that’s how we can be creative.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Running too fast can make you fall, literally, but that’s a story for another day. We like to take things step-by-step, making sure we didn’t miss anything, and not to fall of course.

We Keep It Simple

Not everyone is tech savvy, and we get it. We won’t throw 1s and 0s at you, we’re human too. We will make it so easy that even a monkey will understand (seriously people did it before).

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We are a people of honor, we work hard to get the job done. Our dedication to your success is enormous. We treat our clients like family, and we’re always here for them.

Just so that you have a rough idea of our dedication, we’ve once raced to complete an urgent project logging over 100 hours in that week to get it done in time for the client. No other agency will do that for you, period.

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Louis Lim

Chief Creative Officer

Anthony Kung

Chief Executive Officer

Harvey Ty

Chief Business Officer

Kevin Koh

Chief Customer Officer

Lisa R. Boone

Public Relation Director

Kiara Foster

Head of Content

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