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What is AIES?

AIES is a type of virtual currency that IGA uses. It stands for Automated Interstellar Exchange System. AIES can be used to purchase products or services from IGA, it can also be withdrawn to New Taiwan Dollar, NT$. A minimum of 5, 000 AIES is reuired for withdrawal, no service fee will be charged however, PayPal fee applies.

What is AIES Miner?

When you click on “Start Mining”, your computer will use its spare CPU cycles to solve math puzzles (hashes) in order to mine Monero and convert it into AIES in your account. As a result, you may see that your CPU usage is higher than normal, but you can control this with a slider below. This does not compromise your privacy. We’re utilizing a service provided by Coin-Hive, you can read their privacy policy here.

Each solved puzzle is credited to your account as AIES. Please note that you should not have a Thread higher than 8 or 16 as it may overload your CPU and causes death screens. We recommend having a speed of 30% or 50% as it is the percentage allowed for the miner, any higher may interfere with your operation and causes lag. Please also be aware that this miner uses network connectivities and may result in extra data usage, 1 AIES is equalled to NT$ 0.50, consider if it is worth mining before starting it.


1 Hash = 0.000, 000, 05 AIES

1 Million Hashes = 0.05 AIES

1 AIES = 20, 000, 000 Hashes

1 AIES = NT$ 0.50
1 Hash = NT$ 0.000, 000, 002, 5

Money don’t come free, it takes time but sure is profitable. AIES Mined is calculated every second by rounding to 9th decimal place before adding to your account.

If you had started the miner but the Hash Rate is 0, whitelist our website in your anti-virus software as some anti-virus software sees any miners as a “thread”. There are also many other method to earn AIES instead of mining it, proceed to AIES Console for more.

It is recommended to have Thread value between 4 to 8 and CPU Allocation between 30% to 50%. Any higher may result in lagging or death screen.

Set Thread Allocation

Set CPU Allocation

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