NOTE: Before proceeding, please read the full Contract that has been issued to you, the Terms of Service stated at hailiga.org/terms and the Refund Policy stated at hailiga.org/refund. This Contract is a legal and binding agreement, so please read it carefully, and contact our office (email/call) if you have questions about the terms and conditions. Failure to read this Contract is not a cause for non-compliance with the Contract.

    • You understand that per the International Group of Anthony Acceptable Use Policy, this application must be completed by the person intended in the Contract, and not a third party representative (i.e. colleague).

    • You are aware that the rates are subject to change and approval by International Group of Anthony Administration.

    • You understand a non-refundable deposit fee will be assessed to your AIC account or be invoiced to your email when the billing statement is released.

    • If you wish to cancel, you must cancel this Contract in writing electronically to [email protected] from your AIC account or the email you entered here.

    • You understand that if you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must also read and agree to the terms of the Contract. Please sign the electronic contract below, which will automatically send an email to the person you have designated as a parent or guardian in your contacts via the AIC. This email will include a link to co-sign the Contract for you.

    • The contract will be honoured for 60 days from the Date of Signature or stated otherwise in the contract. The contract is considered valid immediately upon submission.

    By entering your name in the electronic signature box below, and thereby electronically signing the Contract and submitting your executed version of the Contract online, you certify that you have read all the terms and conditions of the Contract, the Terms of Service stated at hailiga.org/terms and the Refund Policy stated at hailiga.org/refund and agree to the terms stated therein.

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