World Rules

By entering the Monster Buster Club MBC club world you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations stated here. Any violations will results in fine, kicks and/or blacklisted.

  1. Do not use world chat unless it is an emergency, only /say and /whisper is allowedWorld chat is used by the MBC to make public announcement or warnings, it is important not to disturb it.
  2. Strictly no cut queue. The MBC sets up checkpoints and patrols in club world to ensure people do not temper with our club world, the MAC system allows us to kick or block the player intended to harm MBC and everyone in it, visitors and members. The MAC system will also inform all Lucian Alliance members to watch out the blacklisted player to prevent this happens to them.
  3. Do not access the unauthorised area without permission from MBC Management. Certain areas of MBC are restricted for our officers to carry out their duty, do not enters these areas without permission.
  4. Bribery is strictly not allowed. Any attempt to bribe our officers will result in immediate blacklisted throughout Lucian Alliance.
  5. Do not perform any act to disturb or interfere MBC personnel or visitors. Activities such as bombing which might disturb or annoy others will not be allowed.
  6. Do not attempt to mislead or any act that might cause a loss to MBC operations. Attempt to trick MBC members or visitors into an unfair trade or attempt to steal from others is a serious offence. This will result in immediate blacklisted throughout Lucian Alliance.
  7. Do not invite your friends or any non-MBC players to MBC club world. All visitors visiting MBC requires MAC codes, anyone found without it will be kicked.

To ensure a pleasant experience for chatting please follow the following rules. 

  1. Do not provoke or troll other members. All community members are here to enjoy the game and discuss it amongst one another and the staffs. Please do not attempt to break this atmosphere of camaraderie by trolling or provoking another member, for any reason.
  2. No posting of sexual or graphically violent content. Sexual and violent content does not have a place here in the official community, please refrain from using it.
  3. Do not use profanity or attempt to circumvent the profanity filter.We can all express ourselves and our feelings without heavy profanity. Please refrain from using it during your time here in the in the community.
  4. Do not discuss any topics relating to religion or politics. There are many communities on the Internet devoted to discussing such topics — ours is not one of them. Please refrain from discussing real-world politics or religion here in the International Group of Anthony community.
  5. Hate speech is not allowed. The International Group of Anthony Community consists of people from every walk of life, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, and more. Any form of hate speech, slurs, references to real-world organisations or events of hatred will be immediately removed.
  6. Do not discuss private messages or personal information. All private messages and personal information should remain private. This is to protect your personal information from being spread without your consent.
  7. Do not harass or defame others. Harassment or defamation of anyone else, be it staff or a community member, for any reason, is not welcome in the community.
  8. Do not threaten or personally attack others. This community is a space where anyone may speak their mind freely without being subject to a personal or verbal attack from another. When chatting, please be considerate of other people’s viewpoints, even if you do not agree with them. This applies equally to posts insulting staff or suggesting that they are fired.
  9. Do not call out others for their in-game activities. Our official community is neutral grounds for all parties involved. Please do not call out others for their in-game activity to start fights.
  10. Do not disrupt Official Notice. Official Notice are important notices created by the International Group of Anthony to discuss the latest news or collect feedback from the community on important issues. Please do not derail or cause disruptions in these threads.
  11. Please don’t bump message to disturb the chat. Bumping a message without adding content to the discussion (such as posting “bump” or “X”) is not allowed. If you wish to discuss a topic, please consider requesting from the channel.
  12. Don’t attempt to police other people’s grammar. Your fellow community members may not possess equal language skills. Please don’t shame others for how they express themselves here in the community.
  13. Do not fabricate information or attempt to spread misleading information. Attempts to start false rumours, misquoting staff or community members are not allowed.
  14. Do not impersonate others. This includes staff, other community members, or people from other companies. Any attempts at impersonating of another will result in a permanent ban from International Group of Anthony.
  15. Do not respond to flame comments or messages in self-defence.Responding to a flame comment or message only makes the matter worse for everyone. Instead, please report the comment or message immediately to our moderators. They will review the post, comment or message to make sure it adheres to our guidelines.
  16. Do not discuss moderator action, or attempt to re-open removed or locked threads.Removed or locked threads were removed for a reason; please do not attempt to re-open them. Additionally, please do not discuss moderator action in the channel. If you wish to contest an infraction, please our moderation team.
  17. Do not comment or chat spam or advertisements. Spam and advertisements for non-International Group of Anthony approved commercial ventures are not welcome.
  18. Illegal activity, comment or message about illegal activity are not allowed. comment or message that break local, state, national, or international laws or regulations are not allowed.
  19. Do not comment off-topic replies to the post. Communication between members and community works best when we keep to the topic at hand. Please do not derail or cause disruptions in the post by going off topic.
  20. Do not sell or trade items or accounts for real-world currency. Selling your account or trading items for any real-world currency is not allowed and can result in a forum ban.
  21. Do not attempt to sell codes on the forums Codes cannot be verified by players in advance so there is no way to guarantee a secure code transaction. We do not allow players to post codes for sale on our forums and strongly recommend everyone avoid purchasing codes from any source.This list is not considered to be exhaustive, and moderators maintain the ability to discipline and ban or time-out at their sole discretion. These rules may be modified or added to by the International Group of Anthony at any time, with or without prior announcement.

This list is not considered to be exhaustive, and moderators maintain the ability to discipline and ban or time-out at their sole discretion. These rules may be modified or added to by the International Group of Anthony at any time, with or without prior announcement.

WARNING: Violation of any of these regulations will result in an immediate kick with a time-out period to be decided by MBC Management. Players with 3 kicks will be blacklisted, which may or may not be resolved by a fine amount to be determined by MBC Management.

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